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Ona Pitschka Illustration

Welcome to my portfolio, my name is Ona Zelda Pitschka, and this is my art.
I was born in Minneapolis, but raised out in a little house on a quiet meadow outside of Nederland, Colorado. I always had a penchant for art, but living in little town in the middle of nowhere, I had the time and the space to be inspired to experiment, develop new styles and create something that maybe didn't reflect my surroundings, but made me feel at home. 
In 2009 I left my little town for Portland, Oregon to study illustration at PNCA. There I cultivated an entirely new set of skills and found new inspiration from my peers who produced amazing art all around me. 
Today I am a working artist living in NW Portland, finding nooks and crannies of time to create the things I love. Feel free to browse, and email me at if you have any questions.

About Me: Bio
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